Bitcoin ogre MicroStrategy gobbles up an additional 1,434 BTC

A huge stack of bitcoins – It’s been since August 2020 that the software company MicroStrategy started its crazy accumulation of Bitcoin (BTC) for its cash, replacing the US dollar. Its CEO, Michael Saylor, just announced a new BTC purchase, and it’s massive once again!

$ 80 million in additional BTC for MicroStrategy

The listed company MicroStrategy (MSTR) was one of the first big companies to bet on Bitcoin, from the summer of 2020, so well before the purchases ofElon Musk and Tesla (announced in February 2021).

In addition, the company accumulates BTC in a very regular, to get rid of a dollar who, like all fiat currencies, has a very unfortunate tendency to to depreciate in time, because of l’inflation.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy CEO, announced his company’s new Bitcoin purchases. As can also be seen in an official accounting document, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), MicroStraegy has thus acquired 1 434 bitcoins moreover, for a total of $ 82.4 million, i.e. an average purchase value of 57 477 dollars per BTC.

Compte Twitter @saylor

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MicroStrategy has an incredible nest egg of 122,478 bitcoins!

The company specializing in professional software has even gone as far as get into debt several times, by issuing bonds, to get more and more bitcoins.

To the point of now possessing the impressive quantity of 122 478 BTC. Even if the last “small” purchase to date is for the moment in capital loss (with BTC fallen below $ 50,000 since), that doesn’t have much of an impact on theimmense overall added value of MicroStrategy.

Indeed, as Michael Saylor explained in his tweet above, his company acquired this mass of BTC for a total of around $ 3.66 billion, i.e. an average purchase price of only 29 861 dollars per bitcoin.

Even after the recent drop in BTC prices, currently at nearly $ 48,000 a unit, MicroStrategy’s crypto-fortune stands at around $ 5.9 billion, i.e. a very nice latent capital gain that exceeds +60%.

Now, the fate of MicroStrategy is undeniably linked to that of Bitcoin. And conversely, since the company now owns more than 0.5% of the total supply of 21 million units. Moreover, its CEO Michael Saylor has become more than a crypto-enthusiast: he is a Bitcoin maximalist who regularly laughs at the caution that investment funds take for their very measured purchases of BTC.

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