Bitcoin, an innovation – The tokenization of financial activities will change the face of the world

Pass activities on the blockchain – Thanks to Bitcoin (BTC) and its many crypto-asset counterparts novelties have been contributed. One of them is the “tokenization” classic (non-crypto) assets to make them more mobile, and therefore easy to trade. The first tokenization experiments have thus taken place in the field of real estate. This phenomenon of digitization of assets seems in any case to be only at its infancy. He could, however, revolutionary economics and finance in the future.

A gigantic token tsunami: $16 trillion by 2030

The incredible power of innovation cryptocurrencies and their technologies are now taken very seriously. A recent report published by him Boston Consulting Group (BCG), believe that tokenization could be one of the main development niches authorized by blockchain networks.

In collaboration with the digital marketplace ADDXthe BCG wanted to estimate what quantity of assets today considered as “illiquid” could benefit from digitization in a crypto ecosystem. Because unlike shares or paper financial contracts (futures contractsETF,…), I do not liquidate it, I consider it relatively close to that of money, assets like real estate or you raw materials remaining the least easily exchangeable.

You are right, the potential in this area of ​​tokenization is simply gigantic in the medium term. Indeed, the Boston Consulting Group considers that I will perhaps reach, in Seoul, $16 trillion say to 2030. In less than 8 years then! Knowing that I left crypto in full despite currently being around $1 trillion.

Active tokenization towards a brighter future!

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A tokenization that will quickly import all the votes

And wait! This is an estimate considered “three conservative”. Indeed, in the case of a very favorable configuration (from a regulatory point of view in particular), this tokenization could affect a total of $68 trillion assets Enough to make you dizzy.

If the authors of this report are if you are happythis is because tokenization applications seem virtual to them infinite :

“Advantage of asset classes are subject to tokenization. Also more unconventional and illiquid assets (e.g. grain, strawberry farms, exotic wines, whiskey, etc.) are starting to be tokenized. (…) [Par exemple,] In Argentina, Agrotoken has introduced new financial options to the multi-million dollar agribusiness, allowing farmers to convert tons of soybean crops into a stablecoin tied to a commodity. (…)”

The report also talks about the art tokenizationvia non-fungible tokens, or NFT. Big companies, like the electronics giant LG, met an NFT and to this new form ofdigital art. Are the Boston Consulting Group’s estimates finally complete?

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