Bird flu cases on the rise in England, turkey shortage likely

According to experts, bird flu occurs naturally in wild birds and from these birds it is transferred to poultry farms/Photo PA

A rise in bird flu cases on poultry farms in England has prompted farmers to warn that turkeys could also be infected at Christmas.

According to the foreign news agency, the fear was expressed for the farmers that due to the bird flu, they may face a shortage of these birds on the occasion of Christmas, which will also affect the income of the farmers.

This bird is considered as a special dish for Christmas, which people eat with great enthusiasm.

However, due to the disease, the British government announced that these chickens in homes and poultry farms should not be sold to control the increasing cases of bird flu.

Poultry farmers termed this situation as serious and said that all their business runs on the eve of Christmas, if the bird flu does not end or if their chickens are affected by it, they will have to suffer a lot.

According to experts, bird flu occurs naturally in wild birds and it is transferred to poultry farms from these birds.

According to reports, around 5.5 million birds have died or been killed due to bird flu since October 2021, with 2.3 million birds diagnosed with bird flu in the month of October alone.

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