Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a new playground for crypto gaming

AT your controllers, dear cryptophiles! – The growing success of blockchain gaming platforms, such as The SandBox, based on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) gives ideas to other developers. As such, Binance secures the services of a crypto gaming expert to promote its famous Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The BSC takes on blockchain games

According to a December 6 announcement, the BSC and Animoca Brands allocated $ 100 million each to launch an investment program dedicated to gaming crypto. It is therefore a program of $ 200 million which will be dedicated to BSC-based crypto gambling projects. It will allow to incubate and accelerate the emergence of startups that wish to use the BSC for their blockchain game projects.

For Binance, this investment follows its ambition to develop its blockchain, the BSC, for which she unblocked $ 1 billion last October.

The CIO (director of investments) of the BSC, Gwendolyn Regina, is aware of the opportunities offered by this partnership:

“With this co-investment, projects relying on BSC will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise from major gaming giants such as Animoca Brands, as well as opportunities for collaboration with blockchain experts from the community. BSC. “

BSC offers itself a partner of choice with Animoca Brands

If you’re interested in crypto gaming, you’ve probably heard ofAnimoca Brands. Indeed, it is one of these new funds in capital risk who decided to specialize in blockchain games and in metaverse.

Since its creation in 2015, Animoca Brands has become leader in the field of entertainment based on blockchain technologies. She has since invested in projects that have been very successful. On a non-exhaustive basis, she participated in fundraising for The SandBox by becoming themajority shareholder. In addition, Animoca has invested in projects NFT who have since become the main players in the market, such as OpenSea Where Axie Infinity.

In addition, recently Animoca Brands has diversified its investments. She took part in the financing of XDEFI. However, even though this project is not a blockchain game, it does offer a related tool : a wallet browser. Thus, Animoca, with its expertise in the crypto gaming environment, will be a undeniable asset for the BSC.

Binance’s investment to promote its blockchain in the crypto gaming environment makes sense. Moreover, Solana (SOL) has already integrated this area with DeFi Land, a game play-to-earn hosted on the blockchain of the same name.

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