Bill Gates’ Interesting ‘Magic Seed’ Proposal to Overcome Food Crisis

Bill Gates has also launched the Agricultural Revolution Project in Africa, Photo: File

Washington: Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world and co-founder of Microsoft, has warned that aid alone cannot overcome the food crisis.

According to the World News Agency, Bill Gates has made an interesting proposal to deal with the most important problem facing the world, the food crisis. He says that the food crisis can be overcome not by aid but by a magic seed.

Bill Gates’s NGO “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”, which has spent 131 million dollars since 2008 to improve agriculture in African countries, has hinted at developing a “magic seed” to combat the food crisis. which will be developed to make crops resistant to climate change and agricultural pests.

According to Bill Gates, the main causes of the food crisis are the ongoing war in Ukraine, climate change and epidemics, saying that instead of aid, technology must be relied on.

Bill Gates is facing criticism for the magic seed proposal. Critics say that the magic seed takes years to produce, so it may be a long-term strategy, but it is not effective in overcoming the immediate food crisis.

Experts also say that Bill Gates’ proposal goes against global efforts to protect the environment, as producing such seeds typically requires the use of pesticides and fossil fuel-based fertilizers.

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