Be kept secret for 63 years

Sydney: A special letter written by the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for the public has been revealed, but it cannot be opened until May 6.

According to foreign media, the queen or king sitting on the throne is also the head of the country of Austria, which is 70 of

Britain, in its 70th reign, visited Australia on October 16 and preserved in Queen Victoria Billings the Queen’s letter-writing to the people of Sydney on the occasion of her Australia visit in 1986.

On behalf of the late Queen of Great Britain, it was written that ‘in the year 2085 this letter will be opened and then my message will be delivered to the people of Sydney’, accompanied by Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the report, the letter is kept in a glass box and kept in a safe place at Kuria Billing SS, where it can be read for up to 63 years.

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