Auto Sector- production increased by 38 percent

Production of cars and jeeps has increased by 76% in the first 4 months of FY22-2021.

According to the data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the production of automobile sector increased by 38% in the current financial year, while the production of cars and jeeps also increased by 76% and exceeded 73,000 units.

During the first four months of the financial year, production of major industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, iron, steel and leather increased by 3.56%.

Similarly, production of 11 major industries including pharmaceuticals, iron ore and steel increased while production of motorcycles declined and production of buses remained unchanged.

According to the statistics, the production of tractors increased by 14% to 17,427 units, while the production volume of trucks increased by 86% to 1956 units and the production of light commercial vehicles increased by 87% to 9,244 units.

In addition, production of four industries, including fertilizer, electronics and rubber products, declined in four months.

On a monthly basis, aggregate industrial production increased by 1.86% in October 2021 as compared to September, but decreased by 1.19% as compared to October last year.

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