At this swimming pool in Val-de-Marne, wetsuits are a must to avoid thermal shock

From Saturday 1 October 2022, a thermal suit will be mandatory to be able to swim in the Olympic basin of Nugent-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). (© City of Nogent-sur-Marne)

Access for cold is not recommended. The Olympic Basin of the ocean center of the Nugent-pig-killing (Val-de-Marne) has not been heated since mid-May 2022 due to rising energy costs. The City has decided to keep it open, but some adjustments are expected from Saturday 1 October. Starting with the mandatory wearing of one Thermal suit.

An unheated Olympic swimming pool

Faced with rising kilowatt-hour prices, keeping swimming pools open has become a daily challenge. Energy-intensive, water-based equipment is the first line affected by the energy crisis. Some basins have had to close, others are implementing drastic conservation measures. This is the case for Nugent-Sir-Marne, who announced several measures, including the end of outdoor pool heating.

“The additional cost to the city is 1.8 million euros for the year. The sea center represents 50% of the city’s energy consumption,” recalls the municipality. “The outdoor Olympic swimming pool was the main source of heating. »

Mandatory thermal suit

With the onset of autumn, the water becomes increasingly cold. Normally at 26 degrees, it is now around 20 degrees. As a result, from the beginning of October it will be mandatory for all swimmers to wear a thermal suit covering the arms and legs.

“Depending on the evolution of the temperature, we reserve the right to request a medical certificate of absence of contraindications to the practice of swimming in cold water” Details Adrian Rodot. The Director of the Nautical Center is faced with an unusual situation. “We grope a bit, it needs to turn off the heating on all surfaces”, he contextualises.

An uncertain end date

The director has no choice but to devote himself to good weather. “With the thaw announced next week, we shouldn’t be closed before November,” he hopes. The temperature at which the pool will close has not yet been determined. “We don’t know how low it can go, because the pool has always been warm since 2005,” he explains.

As a safety measure, first aid equipment will be carried near the outdoor pool. A firefighter trained lifeguards to effectively perform CPR on a person wearing a suit. Reception of school children continues in indoor pools, the temperature of which has also been reduced by one degree.

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