At the same time encounter Delta + Omick or cause “super variants” to appear-

Chinese scientists issued

Infection with Delta + Omi Rongrong may cause “super variants”

The Okeron mutation will spread quickly and continue to survive. Scientists have issued a warning that there is only one time, and it will produce more

Minimalist situation

Encounter two moods at the same time

The media reported on December 15 that the new coronavirus infection usually only involves life strains, but it is very important that human scientists

15 Contacts (15) In a conversation with the US News Day and the Science Committee, Burton, the medical officer of the new crown virus Mod (Moderna), said that this happened at the same time.Can combine genes” to synthesize a

Burton will breed a large number of Delta and Omi together, which makes him very possible. . “

At the same time, the committee committees in the current situation in the United States, namely Omijon, overall

Have records

Real estate events shared

On the 15th, Russian virology researcher Alexei Alexei different people Alexei Alexei different ways affect different ways, one person has the expected phenomenon at the same time.

Said that if the outbreak in the United States is the same, it is crowned and not controlled

1. There were a total of incidents, but there was no large-scale outbreak, which made the dangerous occurrence at the end of this month at the end of January and one case at the end of January, and an incident occurred.Eventually disappeared, 44 cases of infection occurred with the strain

In early December, California, California, discovered another recombinant variant, the 1 B.1.429 strain of Kent and Kent.

In a case of puberty, a 90-year-old woman in Belgium was infected with the infection at the same time.

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