Aspen Bitcoin: Amazon Designated to Believe Digital Euro by ECB

The ECB is preparing to unveil the panel of players who are preparing to take charge of setting up the first iteration of the future “digital Euro” or E-Euro. If the presence of a Spanish bank or the Italian bank Nexi is unexpected by observers, it is difficult to tell the truth about the surprise presence of the American giant… Amazon.

The future digital euro ordered… on Amazon

It is an announcement that has the effect of a small bomb and whose implications will probably go well beyond the simple technological or even economic perimeter.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is now in effect, to develop the 5 strategic partners who are equally proud of the history of offering a first prototype of the euro number.

And, on a European territory yet rich in skills and initiative in the economic and fintech sectors, it is nevertheless the amazon giant that we find among these 5 actors, united author of an initiative likely to deeply reforge the economic and monetary face of the old world.

an actor Private, Purely Commercial, and American so. 3 features that politely qualify as amazing in the face of the stakes – including geopolitics and sovereignty – Imported by the establishment of nothing less than a unified European electronic currency, most likely potentially associated with subjects as insensitive as personal data and digital identity…

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An e-euro arrived faster than an Amazon Prime delivery?

According to the terms of the press release, Amazon will be in charge of e-payments. At his side, were selected by the Spanish bank CaixaBank which will be in charge of online peer-to-peer payments for a mobile application, and the French multinational world lineresponsible for the offline version.

Finally Italian nexi will take care of point-of-sale payments in the same way as the organization European Payments Initiativea group of 31 banks and credit institutions.

The ECB will be ready to turn around, even if it already indicates that the digital euro has already been anticipated before 2026.

“The five vendors chosen best address the “specific capabilities” required for the assigned use case. The ECB appreciates the great interest shown in the prototyping exercise. The prototyping exercise is an important part of the ongoing two-year investigation phase of the digital euro project. It should be completed in the first quarter of 2023, after the publication by the ECB of its conclusions. »

ECB press release of 16 September 2022

Renowned for the speed of his deliveries, will the global e-commerce manager be able to measure the speed of the process? More importantly, will it be possible to return the product in case of dissatisfaction? So many questions, very few answers, but if one question remains: If you have Bitcoin in El Salvador, do you love the AmazonCoin in the bakery around the corner?

While the digital euro will be an instrument of control, Bitcoin will be an unprecedented vector of freedom. And tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will congratulate yourself for having succeeded in bitcoin during the crisis. Register without delay on the FTX reference crypto exchange platform. In addition, you benefit from profits of up to 8% on all your assets (commercial link, see conditions on official website).

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