As Pakistan reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, there was a storm of memes on social media

A storm of memes on social media after Pakistan reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup…

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) After Netherlands upset South Africa and Pakistan reached the semi-finals by defeating Bangladesh, a storm of memes has come on social media.

According to the details, till yesterday the chances of Pakistan going to the semi-finals were slim, but in this morning, the Netherlands defeated South Africa and paved the way for Pakistan to go to the semi-finals, after which Pakistan All they had to do was beat Bangladesh and confirm their semi-final ticket.

Social media has been awash with memes after Pakistan reached the semi-finals, with fans of the Pakistan cricket team also criticizing Indian fans, with one user writing, “No one likes cricket fans more than South Africa.” If he is crying now, he is an Indian fan.”

Another Twitter user wrote that the Indian cricket team and their fans are in such a situation right now, and shared a picture in which Ashwin is seen in a shocked state and Along with it, it is written below that “They came again”.

A Pakistani cricket team fan shared a post about memes in which he responded to the criticism of Indian fans, that Indians are saying that Pakistan bought empires and then they reached the semi-finals, along with a The photo was shared with the caption “There is no money to eat poison here”.

Another Pakistani cricket fan wrote that every Indian cricket fan is in such a situation at the moment, and also shared a picture in which the Indian actor is seen crying.

Another cricket fan shared a picture with the caption “Current state of Indian cricket fans” in which the famous WWE wrestler was compared to the Pakistan cricket team as they dangerously reached the semi-finals. It has been seen and a picture of another wrestler has been placed along with it, on which the Indian flag has been placed and compared to the Indian fans and the Indian cricket team, who are watching the Pakistani cricket team reach the semi-finals in a state of surprise.

Another cricket fan shared the picture with the same caption, which showed an Indian actor and wrote, “Hey, I’m feeling dizzy.”

It should be noted that the social media had been discussing for a few days that the Indian cricket team had deliberately lost their match against South Africa in order to eliminate Pakistan from the semi-final race so that South Africa would go to the semi-final and Pakistan cricket team T20 World. Be out of the cup, a meme was shared on the same point, the caption read, “These are their faces at this moment”, below were pictures of Virat Kohli and Indian captain Rohit Sharma in a distressed state, which read “It was when you lost to South Africa to knock Pakistan out of the World Cup and then South Africa lost to the Netherlands to help Pakistan reach the semi-finals.”

Another cricket fan tweeted that this is how Pakistani fans are treating Indian fans these days, along with a picture of former Pakistan cricket team captain Imran Khan talking to someone on a mobile phone. It is written on it, now you guys stop crying.

A Pakistani cricket fan posted that this is the situation of Indian cricket fans when Pakistan reached the semi-finals and also posted a picture of a film in which an actor is putting his hands on other people’s eyes and saying. Do not see this, you will not be able to bear this scene.

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