Artrade: a mobile revolution for the NFT sector

Artrade: a mobile revolution for the NFT sector

The NFT phenomenon is a real wave. In the third quarter of 2021, more than $ 6.9 billion traded in the now famous Non-Fungible Token (NFT) trade. A massive adoption born from the promise of a meeting between creators and their audience, without intermediary.

Artrade is located precisely there, at the heart of the ecosystem. The platform aims to revolutionize creation, trading and especially social interactions related to the digital art sector through a fully dedicated mobile application. A new kind of interface, to finally reveal to the world the artist who lies dormant in you.

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An open door to decentralized freedom

From 2017, Paul Weibel, the founder of the project, became passionate about blockchain technology. The years go by and his meeting with les NFT is a real shock. More than a simple aggregation of pixels arranged with more or less taste, he suddenly sees the potential of this unique digital format. Far beyond a new space for artistic expression, it isa total liberation from our relationship to consumption and property it is about.

Impregnated with the codes of his generation, technological, ultra-connected, he likes to imagine a world free from clichés and monopolies. As always throughout history, artists are the spearheads, the spokespersons of this youthful and libertarian outburst. The web has become the web. Mobile applications relay the message. But the new field of possibilities remains inaccessible to the greatest number.

Artrade is a mobile application that connects creators and enthusiasts of NFT

It is in 2020 that he takes the plunge. The company was born and immediately launched an assault on the borders it wanted to tear down. Supported by a team of specialists and artists totally dedicated to the cause, the path is marked out. Artrade will become the first NFT application, structured around blockchain technology, and totally designed for mobile devices. A platform that makes it possible to create, buy, sell but also and above all, social interactions.

A mobile platform, so that creators and their audiences can finally interact freely

It will not have escaped your notice that access to blockchain networks, and more precisely to the digital art market, remains a challenge. That is why The Artrade application aims to democratize NFTs to a large audience. Concretely, the team wants to allow everyone, from a smartphone or tablet, to easily express their inspiration and directly access all the players in this ecosystem.

Thus, on the application you will be able to:

  • Create NFTs directly from your smartphone
  • Connect with your Instagram and Twitter networks
  • Interact with your community, and beyond
  • Exchange, buy, sell, NFTs, in fiat or in crypto
  • Keep your digital assets safe
  • Create a personal gallery and be rewarded by displaying works by artists
  • Secure and contribute to the life of the network thanks to the native governance token $ ATR
Artrade has chosen Solana blockchain technology for its low carbon footprint and low cost of use, which make it one of the most efficient in the crypto ecosystem.
Diagram of user interaction with the Solana network

An all-in-one approach which could place Artrade at the center of communication and promotion processes for creators. Because indeed, as many celebrities have already understood, NFTs represent an ocean of opportunities. An almost virgin world that it is a question of penetrating, exploring, and taming in order to appropriate it.

Let’s not hide our face the usual sharks with long teeth have already gained a foothold on the banks of this new Eldorado. Faced with the demands of an idealistic and conscious youth, the project had to be up to the challenges of society in order to assault a harmful and disembodied financial pseudo-elite. So that art finds its original vocation, and once again breathes a little soul and magic into the heart of all this technology.

The vocation of artrade is to reconcile humanity with art, and technology through a unique digital avatar, the NFT, and a disruptive mobile application hosted on Solana
Artrade puts art back at the center of technology

A virtuous approach, in tune with the challenges of our time

To be in tune with his convictions, the team decides to place their work in the spirit of Sanpo Yoshi. A philosophy inherited from a community of Japanese merchants who lived between the 17th and 19th centuries. An approach which is at the origin of the concept of “three-way-satisfaction”.

  • Good for the seller which operates in a secure and controlled system.
  • Equally good for the buyer who has access to goods and interlocutors previously inaccessible, in full transparency.
  • And finally good for society, by making a concrete contribution to make the world better.
Artrade wants to perpetuate a virtuous commercial tradition

Far from being an empty promise, all of Artrade’s architecture tends towards this triple objective. Thus, the choice of Solana technology is not trivial. The network has long demonstrated its efficiency and commitment by establishing itself among the most efficient layers 1 in the sector. But above all, it stands out with its extremely low environmental impact and its almost non-existent transaction costs. A quest for climatic virtue and democratization in line with the expectations of a strongly committed community.

In addition, Artrade engages with ClimatePartner in order to certify that all of the “minted” NFTs on the platform will be carbon neutral. Compensation offered by audited climate protection projects. Add to this the possibility of donating a portion of the profits to various charitable projects through the Binance Charity Wallet, and you get without doubt one of the actors closest to the concerns of his community in matters of ethics.

The team has just completed a first round of funding in order to raise the funds necessary for its development. Almost $ 2 million, mostly raised from a nascent community during the first phases of an ICO which will continue until the end of February 2022. An audience that we imagine blithely mixing creators, investors, gamers or art lovers.

So many idealists who no longer want to leave the NFT revolution in the hands of the powerful. Intuitive, accessible, democratic and ecological, the Artrade application wants to put art back at the heart of our lives. In awareness of the challenges of our time, and in harmony with the planet.

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