Another experiment of North Korea, fired 3 missiles including intercontinental

America has severely criticized North Korea for new missile tests: Photo: File

Pyongyang: North Korea has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

According to the statement released by the South Korean military authorities, North Korea, which launched several missiles yesterday, has tested an intercontinental missile today.

North Korea’s long-range missile reached an altitude of 1,920 kilometers and traveled a distance of 760 kilometers. South Korean officials say that North Korea’s missile test appears to have failed. Two long-range ballistic missiles were also fired.

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An emergency alert was issued in Japan during North Korea’s new missile tests, and residents in the northern regions were instructed not to leave their homes. Yesterday, North Korea had experimentally fired several missiles, in response to which South Korea also fired missiles. The US and other countries have criticized North Korea for new missile tests.

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