Another blow to the people hit by inflation, an increase of Rs. 5 per unit in the price of electricity

The government slashed the price of electricity on the people due to inflation. The electricity bills were increased by Rs. 5 per unit for one month.

According to the notification issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), the October fuel price adjustment will be received in the December bills and this increase has been made accordingly.

According to NEPRA, electricity has been increased by Rs4.74 per unit. Electricity has been increased under the October fuel price adjustment. Consumers will be charged extra in December electricity bills.

According to NEPRA, the decision will not apply to electric consumers either.

Position of the Ministry of Energy

The statement of the Ministry of Energy regarding the monthly fuel adjustment has also come to light in which it was stated that the monthly fuel adjustment in the price of electricity was explained on 22nd November. NEPRA made the decision after a formal hearing.

According to the Ministry of Energy, today’s decision will have no permanent effect on the price of electricity. NEPRA holds public hearings on fuel price adjustment every month, and determines the price of fuel for a certain period of time which can be positive or negative. ۔

The Ministry of Energy says that the prices of oil and other fuels in the global market have a direct effect on the monthly fuel price adjustment.

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