Angry monkeys retaliated by dropping 250 dogs from a height and killing them

In retaliation in India, monkeys have so far killed 250 dogs by falling from a height. Photo: Videoscreenshot

Maharashtra: A series of strange animal violence has started in two villages of Indian district in which monkeys have so far killed 250 dogs by falling from a height in retaliation.

First, a pack of dogs surrounded and killed a baby monkey. After that, the monkeys became very angry and started killing the dogs by picking them down from a height. The death toll has risen to 250. Seeing this whole scene, people are upset and children are terrified.

These incidents are still happening in small villages near Majal town. This area is close to Beer district of Maharashtra state. Now there is not a single small dog left in a village called Laval because the monkeys have killed dozens of dogs while the rest have fled in fear. But now the monkeys are chasing the school children and attacking them.

People have said that monkeys snatch dogs and kill them from a height and more than 200 dogs have been killed in just one month. Now the monkeys are chasing humans and especially small children are terrified. In one incident, monkeys grabbed an 8-year-old boy and dragged him away. When people threatened and shouted at him, they left him in a state of shock.

War experts arrived here on public complaints but could not catch a single monkey.

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