And why offer group insurance to its employees, already?

And why offer group insurance to its employees, already?

Since 2001, we have helped more than 1,300 Quebec and Canadian companies find their group insurance product at the best price! We reiterate that we have access to all insurers in the industry, which allows us to offer you the best conditions available in the market according to your needs.

Over the past decade, statistics show that nearly three out of four companies (over 70%) have a group insurance program. A group insurance program adapted to the needs of both the company and its employees allows these companies to stand out from the competition.

Having group insurance is one thing, having an adapted insurance plan at the best price is another. In Quebec, group insurance provides additional and complementary protection to programs already offered by the government. Whether in terms of health care or income security (in the event of disability or work-related accidents), group insurance helps ensure the physical, mental and financial health of employees and their families. The health of the company is also taken into account, good group insurance allowing both to retain the best employees AND to recruit new ones who are among the best cream.

In 2020, if you have a health insurance card, you have the obligation to be “covered” by one or other of these plans:

  • a private group insurance plan offering you basic drug insurance and other guarantees such as life insurance, disability insurance and paramedical care, as well as an additional guarantee (dental care, vision care, etc.)
  • the Quebec public prescription drug insurance plan (RAMQ)

Join your employer’s group insurance plan

If you have the possibility of being covered by a group insurance plan, you have the obligation to join it. I repeat: obligation. Because if the government discovers that you have the option of subscribing to your employer’s group insurance plan and you have failed to do so, you will have to pay premiums for the Quebec prescription drug insurance plan. (contributions can sometimes amount to more than $ 600 per spouse – 2019 data).

Convert your group insurance into individual insurance

When you quit your job (voluntarily or not), do not hesitate to contact us for more explanations on the different terms and conditions related to your group insurance. In this regard, first know that you have 60 days to convert your group health insurance into individual health and care insurance. Also note that you have 31 days to convert your group life insurance into individual life insurance, without having to provide any proof or medical questionnaire whatsoever. If you are still not covered by any private or public plan… what are you waiting for?

Are start-ups eligible for group insurance?

Of course, if you already have any experience with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it is quite possible to obtain a suitable group insurance program. The various group insurance companies also encourage new businesses by granting them assistance to enable them to control the costs of the group insurance plan.

Can a business with only two employees offer them group insurance?

Even if your business only employs two people, it is possible to purchase group insurance. Some financial institutions also offer excellent group insurance programs at lower cost and advantageous for SMEs with less than a hundred employees.

If my employer provides a group insurance plan, am I required to join it?

You must subscribe to it, as well as the members of your immediate family. It’s the law. And if your spouse has already taken out group insurance with their employer, you can request an exemption in order to integrate their group insurance plan. Find out about the cheapest plans, and compare warranties to make sure you get big savings.

What if my employer does not wish to change the company’s group insurance plan?

The employer and the employees of an SME have every interest in frequently comparing the different group insurance plans offered by insurance companies. They thus keep abreast of the various protections offered, and are therefore guaranteed to get the best price on the market.

What if the company’s insurance broker does not want to change the group insurance plan?

Note that it is not up to the broker to decide, for the company, whether the latter should keep its group insurance (or not). He only represents the group insurance company. Point. Every employer and every employee has the right to obtain the best price for their group insurance.

Is it possible to change group insurance broker whenever we want?

If you decided to do business with the team tomorrow morning (for example), it would easily be possible for us to take over your files by making a simple transfer. We would then be able, after review, to reduce the costs of your group insurance plan.

Can we benefit from a guaranteed rate over a two-year period (rather than an annual renewal)?

Under certain conditions, your SME can effectively benefit from fixed rates for a period of two years (with group insurance at the best price on the market, including multiple benefits tailored to the needs of your business).

Do I have to wait until my contract is renewed before I can modify my group insurance plan?

Not at all. If you notice that certain changes benefit your SME, we invite you to act quickly by “shopping” for your group insurance. You will then be able to make these changes and will thus be able to benefit from immediate discounts.

Is my employer required to pay part of the premium for the group insurance plan?

Most insurers require a minimum 25% premium contribution. Today, many employers consider it advantageous to proceed in this way… to the point where the question no longer even arises! does it offer the telemedicine program?

YES. We do offer the services of the telemedicine program, as well as we offer a platform to facilitate the administration of a group insurance plan.

Changing insurer is not as long (and painful!) A procedure as it used to be, especially if you are dealing with And if the renewal premiums do not seem justified to us, we will be able to transfer your contract to another insurer. You will then be able to benefit from the best conditions again, without having to go through all the paperwork. The information from the current plan will be transferred to your new insurer, who will implement the plan.

In closing, know that has cutting-edge technology and that we also have immense bargaining power, acquired since 2001 thanks to all these companies that we serve.

Both the administrative staff and the employer working in these companies have long understood that doing business with the same insurance company for too many years does not necessarily mean better prices or better products. The fierce competition existing between the various financial institutions obliges them to offer the best guarantees, at prices which can sometimes differ, between one and the other, by some 25% (or even 30%) …

The world has changed dramatically, and so have the ways to get group insurance!

At the house of, our premium comparator performs various comparisons allowing insurers to demand the best products… at the best price! This is why more than 1,100 Quebec and Canadian companies do business with us.

For more information or if you wish to obtain a quotation service from all insurers (free of charge and in complete confidentiality), contact us toll free at 1 855 230-6233, or fill out the form at the top right of this page.

As a premium comparator for SMEs, we are number ONE in the field of group insurance in Quebec. What are you waiting for to request a quote on our website? This is a completely free service!

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