And the principle that the Muslim royal family is allowed to support you.

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Well, the Shaan family has to follow a number of rules and royal protocols.

But King Charles Swaym and his family also enjoyed many privileges.

In fact, there are few laws that do not apply to the royal family.

Learn about similar laws and principles that the person owning the throne has or has a monopoly on punishment.

Islam king/queen was not arrested.

King Charles enjoys absolute immunity, meaning he cannot be named in any criminal case.

No need to care about the speed of the vehicle.

When the king or members of the royal family drive, they can drive as low as they like and are not subject to speed limit laws.

No passport required.

Even in Queen Elizabeth II-era Britain, the passports issued bore the Queen’s name, which was not spoken about.

Now, after the accession of King Charles from the Naam Port, they are also issuing passports if they will issue runic notes and stamps.

A driver’s license is also not required.

The Queen of Great Britain has never needed a driving test or license in her lifetime because she enjoys immunity from despotism.

Similarly, he allows the vehicle to be accepted without a number plate.

No license required

No need to use a change name.

The royal family is not required to use the last number of their legal name.

By the way, before 1917, the noble family had no name but the Windsors, descendants of Queen Elizabeth and the Martyr Philip.

Legal guardians of grandchildren and great-grandchildren


The guardianship of Prince William and Prince Harry’s children now passes to King Charles

Well, this is not a part, why should the king keep these children from Kaldin, but this law definitely exists

Exemption from payment of tax in certain cases

The monarch is not legally required to pay taxes, but Queen Elizabeth II voluntarily pays taxes on assets and property, at her own discretion.

Similarly, royal families such as the estates of Wales are also exempted from taxation, but they

There are separate rules from the jury.

Members of the royal family are not required to serve on court jury duty, in the UK there is a fine of £1,000 for not serving jury duty, but no payment is required for the royal family.

2 times a year

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 2 birthdays every year, the second being on April 21st and sometimes being a birthday.

King Charles’ birthday is in November, so like his mother, he is expected to celebrate his second birthday in June

Exemption from freedom of speech laws

The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to the royal family because they are public authorities.

This gives the royal family more privacy in their daily routines and finances.

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