An important step against Islamophobia Pakistan has achieved great success in the United Nations

An important step against Islamophobia, Pakistan has achieved great success in the United Nations

NEW YORK (Daily Pakistan Online): The United Nations General Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution tabled by Pakistan. Was presented in the General Assembly.

The resolution presented in the General Assembly is part of Pakistan’s global efforts to promote interfaith harmony, tolerance, respect for each other’s religions and values, and peaceful coexistence. The liaison website wrote on Twitter that the passage of the resolution was “satisfactory” and that the Prime Minister had repeatedly warned of the dangers of Islamophobia and intolerance. He said that measures against Islamophobia needed to be ensured. Muhammad Amir, Pakistan’s Deputy Envoy to Pakistan, said that Pakistan is a pluralistic, multicultural and multi-ethnic society and the religion, caste or creed of any citizen has nothing to do with the business of the state. Wants to build relationships

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