America’s announcement to transfer Afghanistan’s 3.5 billion dollars to a Swiss account

Afghanistan’s assets of 7 billion dollars are frozen, Photo: File

Washington: The United States has announced that it will transfer $3.5 billion of the assets of Afghanistan’s central bank to a Swiss-based trust fund to keep the money safe from the Taliban and used only to revive the devastated Afghan economy. can go.

According to the international news agency, the United States says that no money will go to the Afghan Central Bank until the government and political interference is assured, while a trust established in Switzerland will transfer the dangerous amount of 3 billion 500 million dollars from the Afghan frozen funds. will be transferred to the fund.

The trust fund is based in Geneva and has an account at the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which provides financial services to central banks, and is now establishing customer relationships with the fund for the Afghan people.

The Trust’s role is limited to providing and executing banking services to the Board of Trustees of the Fund without being involved in the governance or decision-making of the Fund and will also comply with all applicable restrictions and regulations.

It should be noted that this fund will not solve serious problems such as hunger and drought that will lead to serious economic and humanitarian crises. According to the United Nations, nearly half of Afghanistan’s 40 million people face “extreme hunger.”

The creation of the new trust fund follows months of negotiations between the administration of US President Joe Biden, Switzerland, other parties and the Taliban.

A statement issued by the US State Department said that the Afghan fund will be used to help stabilize the devastated economy as much as possible.

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