American hurricanes took a picture of the broken house and carried it 200 kilometers away

Kentucky’s hurricane took a picture of a broken house and carried it 200 kilometers away. Photo: Courtesy UPI

Kentucky, USA: A few days ago, in the US state of Kentucky, more than one terrible tornado tornado hit cars and houses like toys, but an interesting incident has taken place that a memorable family photo was found 206 km away from the original location.

The photo was taken from a broken-down house in Louisville, Kentucky, and was swept across the Ohio River by a tornado that struck the car window of Katie Poston, a New Albanian Indiana woman, on Saturday morning. This picture showed what happened to the city.

When Katie saw the picture, it was black and white with two names written on the back and the date 1942. The picture shows a baby sitting on a woman’s lap. Katie had been watching the weather for days, and she realized that this picture might have been blown away by the wind.

He immediately posted the photo on all social media platforms. In the next three hours, the real family of the owner of the photo was found.

A user named Swaziland thanked Katie at the bottom of the post, saying it was a photo of her family living in Dawson Springs. Katie will now go to the house herself to return the photo.

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