Am I going to sell the works of Picasso and Renoir to buy NFTs? The funny project of the Museum of Modern Art in New York

The NFT continues to affect the counters: although the steps are collapsing dramatically and the big canopies are the main gangsters of recent weeks, here is another mainstream giant who could well embark on the Web3 adventure.

According to Decrypt, the famous MoMA in New York has agreed to sell next for 70 million dollars of works of art, drawn from its tenured collections of the name of the William S. Paley Foundation. The representatives of the latter would have confirmed having given a mandate to Sotheby’s to manage this sale, the fruits of which should establish the digital positioning of the Museum of Modern Art in New York within the new economy.

If the foundation’s definitive plans for the future continue to be still, MoMa representatives expressly express the possibility for the museum to host its first NFTs, but also to develop the organizations of virtual events. It is by learning on the occasion of these confidences that a team of dedicated experts is responsible for following the NFT markets in order to identify the most promising artists.

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