Alize Shah fell while walking on the ramp

Leading Pakistani actress Aliza Shah fell while walking on the ramp on the third day of Bridal Fashion Week, the video of which went viral on social media.

Aliza Shah wore a wedding dress designed by famous designer Nisa Hussain and entered the ramp as a show stopper.

Accompanying the actress, singer Shazia Manzoor was also present on the ramp, singing her hometown song ‘Chen Mere Makhna’.

Alizee also danced to Shazia Manzoor’s song but on her way back from the ramp Alizee couldn’t keep her balance and slipped and fell.

It can be seen in the video that singer Shazia Manzoor immediately supported Aliza and lifted her courage.

Actress Ashna Shah, on the other hand, was a show stopper for designer Nikki Nina. When Ashna came on the ramp, her balance also deteriorated but soon Ashna regained her composure and signaled the noisy audience to remain silent.

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