After the defeat in the Asia Cup final, the explanation of Rameez Raja finally came out on the issue of bitter words with the Indian journalist

After the defeat in the Asia Cup final, on the issue of bitter words with the Indian journalist, finally…

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) After the defeat by Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup final, the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja had an altercation with an Indian journalist in Dubai. On the journalist’s question, Ramiz Raja got angry and took away his phone and stopped the recording. There was a lot of discussion in India on this issue, but Ramiz Raja was silent on it till now. Now finally they have given an explanation on it.

According to Hindustan Times, in a video posted on his YouTube channel ‘Fans Forum with Ramiz’, while talking about the incident, Ramiz Raja said, “I was unable to understand how this Indian reporter came to know about this.” That all the Pakistani team was disappointed because of the loss. The journalist had deliberately asked a provocative question.

Rameez Raja says, “I tell you, his question was not right at all. He was asking that the entire junta is very angry, so I said how do you know that the entire Pakistani people are angry with this team? How did you know sitting 2 thousand miles away? These are inflammatory things. The point is, if you have a clear heart and a cricketer is talking, you shouldn’t ask him such questions.”

It should be noted that an Indian journalist asked the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board that the entire Pakistani nation is disappointed and angry over the defeat of the Pakistani team by Sri Lanka. What would you like to say to that?”

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