A woman was lured into a love trap with the fake account of an ex-footballer and was cheated of 50 lakh rupees.

Ex-footballer’s fake account lured the woman into a love trap of 50 lakh rupees.

Ottawa (Monitoring Desk) Cases of robbing people through fake accounts on social media are often reported. Now a Canadian woman has told her harrowing story, who was defrauded of millions through the fake Facebook account of Italy’s famous ex-footballer Antonio Conte. According to the Daily Star, this woman named Mary Brandt was lured into his love trap by Antonio Conte’s fake account.

Marie Brandt, a resident of Bellevue, Ontario, Canada, fell into the trap of this new soldier and ended her relationship with her boyfriend. He kept asking the fake Antonio lady for money every now and then and she kept sending him. In total, she sent Nosarbaz 20,000 pounds (about Rs. 50 lakhs), after Nosarbaz broke off contact with her and she was left alone. There was no money left and she became homeless and came to the street.

“For two months we were talking on Facebook,” Mary Brandt said. Till then our relationship was going very well. I even left my boyfriend for him and was ready to move to Italy to live with him. Then suddenly one day he told me that he was kidnapped by the Taliban. He had already taken 7 thousand pounds from me. He asked me for 15 thousand pounds to pay the ransom to the Taliban. I borrowed a large amount and sent him 13 thousand pounds.

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