A woman living in the forest who wears animal skins and eats carrion

Sarah Day, a 34-year-old citizen, abandons her life and lives in the jungle, eating dead animals and calling herself a cave woman. Photo: Metro News

London: The British woman described herself as a cave dweller, living in a tent, eating dead animals and covering her body with their skins.

By profession, 34-year-old Sarah Day teaches children history and how to survive in difficult situations. But she herself leaves the city and goes to the forest. Animals killed in car crashes become their food, while they treat with herbs and make clothing from animal skins.

Sarah has also eaten the flesh of pigeon feathers, rabbits, squirrels and rats whose bodies are found only once a week and die in car crashes. But they do not eat corpses older than 24 hours. She likes to eat hot and recently dead animals.

If they ever find a deer carcass, they cover it with its skin. She casts animal bones into various tools and weapons.

If animals are not found, they feed on plants and wild fruits, but warn that some fruits and herbs can make them sick. That’s why she insists on their complete information. She also uses herbs to treat coughs and fevers. For example, the gum obtained from the wild cherry tree is used to treat sore throats and headaches.

Sarah Day says she fell in love with the Stone Age life in the caves as a child. Although her home is in the city and she teaches at school, she lives mostly in the jungle.

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