A video of the American female judge’s house surfaced, asking her to resign

A video of Michelle Odinet, a woman serving as a judge in Louisiana, went viral on social media, sparking calls for her to resign.

According to a report by the BBC, a video appeared in the home of Louisiana District Court Judge Michelle Odinet in which a woman could be heard making racist remarks behind the scenes.

In a video released in this regard, a CCTV camera can be seen in the house seeing a black man stabbed by some people. The CCTV footage was allegedly filmed outside the judge’s house, and the blacks were called thieves.

There is also a woman’s voice in the video saying: “There is one black and one black, just like a cockroach.”

The female judge’s lawyer has confirmed that the judge’s voice was heard in the video and that she made racist remarks. We will submit a petition for her to take unpaid leave.

The lawyer said that the female judge felt ashamed and apologized for her actions hurting the community. She has been on vacation since yesterday, and the next few days will determine her future.

In this regard, the judge of Audinet himself stated: “The voice in the video belongs to me. He knows me and my husband will testify. My husband and I have no such opinion.”

“I apologize to all of you, I am very sad after this happened,” he said.

It is not clear what he will do after leaving office.

According to the police, a 59-year-old black man was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car from the judge’s house. The man had no criminal record and was detained for the first time.

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