A video of a human head in the mouth of a running dog in Mexico has gone viral

A video of a human head in a stray dog’s mouth went viral in Mexico, sparking panic. Photos: Video footage

Mexico: In Mexico, a dog was being run over a human head at night and someone made a video of it, which has become a cause of surprise and fear on social media.

Although the police have not yet identified the victim, they believe it is part of a feud between mafia and cartels in Mexico. The dismembered body was hidden in an ATM with the words ‘Next head could be yours’.

The name of this area is Zacatecas, which is located in the north of the country and the people there are very afraid of the fighting between criminal gangs. Although the face is obscured in the video, the original footage shows the dog running down the sidewalk with a human head in its jaws.

According to police officers, a human head was kept in an ATM in the Monte Escobedo area and the rest of the torso was missing. However, according to some people, the organs of the body were cut and the stray dog ​​came out with only the head. Next to the head was a cardboard with a message from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel that the next head could be yours. The head of this cartel is El Mencho who is also the most wanted criminal in Mexico. A sum of one million dollars has been placed on it.

At present, fierce fighting between Jalisco and Saina Lao gangs is also going on in the city.

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