A strange benefit of the habit of wearing a face mask came to light

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Due to the corona virus epidemic, the rate of wearing face masks has increased globally since 2020 to reduce the spread of covid-19.

But now a strange benefit of this habit has come out which has nothing to do with preventing disease.

In fact, the habit of wearing a face mask helps make people morally good, at least in China.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US focused on common law-breaking behaviors among people, such as not stopping at red traffic lights, not following parking rules, and cheating for money.

The results showed that those who wore face masks were less likely to engage in such negative attitudes than those who did not wear masks.

In fact, the researchers said that the use of face masks has increased moral awareness in China and people have started to obey the rules more.

“We discovered that face masks in China are acting as a moral symbol and have reduced the number of people breaking the law,” he said.

Researchers conducted 10 separate studies in China, including one study analyzing traffic camera recordings that found people wearing face masks avoided running red lights.

Similarly, another study found that people who wore face masks were less likely to commit fraud to obtain money than others.

But the researchers acknowledged that although face masks are being used around the world, the findings of the current study can only be applied to Chinese society at present.

He said that we have checked the data only in China, so we cannot say anything about other countries.

Now they are considering to conduct research in this regard in other countries as well.

The results of this research were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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