A period spy series by the creator of Pays d’en haut

After six seasons of the series The countries above, Gilles Desjardins start a new project. This time around it will be a vintage spy series. We can not wait! The series is titled IXE-13 and will be broadcast on Illico club. We will be able to relive the adventures of Quebec’s most famous secret agent, the ” have canadian spies » : Jean Thibault, aka IXE-13.

IXE-13 will consist of eight 60-minute episodes, scripted by Gilles Desjardins and produced by Yan Lanouette Turgeon.

We are still nostalgic that The countries above are completed. While some series fade over time, this one has matured like a good wine, slowly breaking away from the classic of the terroir to immerse us in the history of the Laurentians at a time not so far from our own. Because in the end, that Donalda lacks butter is still a less worrying plot than a young woman threatened with lobotomy for having dared to love a person of the same sex, as we could see in the previous season. Feminist, The countries from above? Well, you even see a woman DOING AN EDUCATION. This is telling you!

All the more, Vincent Leclerc bade farewell to the mythical character of Séraphin Poudrier whom he brilliantly embodied for six beautiful years, by publishing a touching text. ” The end of OUR little link in the work of Claude-Henri Grignon which saw the light of day in 1933 with a first chapter: A man and his sin […]. I say “link” because this work-river has been unfolding for almost 90 years, in the form of novels, plays, comics, radio-novels, soap operas, television series and films. And she will certainly continue to reinvent herself long after our visit … and that’s fine. », Said the actor.

« Thank you also to Gilles Desjardins for having been able to reinvent the universe of Grignon, which is already so rich. Gilles, you have shaped a work of your own, modern and strong, devoid of any nostalgia. Thank you for pushing us this far. What a pleasure to play your words ».

A lot of memories and love have been built over the years, and it is with a heavy heart that Vincent Leclerc must also leave behind the entire team and the cast that he considers his family. ” Family with whom I would go back to war tomorrow morning, without any hesitation. I will miss you and our “ summer camp ” in Rawdon “, He indicated.

« I have a very special thought for Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, whose talent is matched only by his kindness and thoroughness. We held hands for six years … learning, just like our characters, to know each other, to understand each other … and to trust each other. “, he added.

The actor kept his last thanks for the public who supported the program with heart and loyalty: ” Thank you to the viewers for having adopted us so early, even defended … and encouraged us during these six beautiful seasons. I’ve read pretty much all of your posts and comments. You have been extremely generous with me, with us ».

« Séraphin Poudrier, my bastard, you rocked my life », Finally concluded Vincent Leclerc.

Are you eager to discover the new work of the talented Gilles Desjardin?

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