a magazine Leroy-Merlin rests an alliance per dix-huit ans plus tt

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The magazine posted a message on social media, asking the proprietor to accept the receiver.

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Pascal needs to have a definitive definition of the alliance. It is possible to retrieve the pre-marriage proposal, dix-huit ans après l’avoir perdue, unique Leroy Merlin on Facebook, on 14 December. Magazine de b’enseigne de bricolage, situé à Marseille, avait posté dix jours plus t photot a photo of l’anneau on Facebook. The search will require the proprietor to receive the precautionary object object, with a preview of the application.

Pascal and the Immortals reconcile his son in the publication, largely shared on social media and in the media, reports 20 Minutes. “Madame Nadia and Monsieur Pascal are so venous that their alliance in magazines, with their marriage certificates”Find the magazine Leroy Merlin de Valentine on Facebook. The couple ignores all the comments of the bague s’est retrouvée là.

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