A golden retirement thanks to Bitcoin? Miami mayor takes the plunge

From the city to the White House? Will the widespread adoption of bitcoin (BTC) in the United States be down – top? The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, is leading the battle for adoption there by implementing innovative measures at the level of his city.

Old days financially peaceful thanks to bitcoin for the mayor of Miami

Francis Suarez, increases his stake on bitcoin. He had indicated that he would now take his salary in bitcoin via the Strike payment gateway, about a month ago. In an interview with Real Vision, the mayor expressed his wish to also receive part of their retirement savings in bitcoin. Suarez is exploring different ways to make bitcoin retirement savings payments possible. He is particularly optimistic about this, saying he will have a relevant system in place by 2022.

Suarez is bullish on bitcoin, whose success he says relies on confidence in the system which is a ” open-source and non-manipulable system » :

“I just think it’s a good asset to invest in. I think it’s an asset that will obviously appreciate over time. It is an asset in which I believe ”

Miami’s mayor isn’t just investing in bitcoin. He also pushes his residents to adopt him. Suarez had announced on November 12, 2021 the distribution of yield in the form of a dividend of bitcoin, to the eligible residents of the city. These returns come from the staking of the MiamiCoin cryptocurrency launched by CityCoin to finance municipal projects.

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Adoption of bitcoin in the United States: an increasingly isolated central government?

Will the Miami mayor’s enthusiasm for bitcoin be contagious? Promote the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general not on the agenda of the federal government in the United States, quite the contrary. The US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has already expressed publicly many times how badly she thinks cryptocurrencies are, while the bill on infrastructure contains provisions that could be a brake on the development of the sector.

Some states like Wyoming and its bitcoin fan Senator Cynthia Lummis, are much more open to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Texas has huge ambitions in bitcoin mining, and attracts minors by offering tax benefits in particular.

At city level, Miami is the example of the cryptophile american city, with a bitcoiner mayor who walk the talk when it comes to bitcoin adoption.

On a smaller scale, companies like Le Landry’s Restaurant Group also contributes to the adoption of bitcoin through promotional offers.

What conclusion to give to this crypto detour to Miami and its bitcoiner mayor? In the absence of clichés making you dream of holidays in the sun – paid in cryptos if possible – in this city of Florida, a few well-chosen words to escape behind your screen will do the trick: Miami, Its sun, its beaches, and even its nightclub where it is possible to pay in bitcoin.

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