A fire broke out in an e-motorcycle showroom in India, 8 people including a woman died

Officials have expressed fear of an increase in casualties, Photo: Social Media

New Delhi: 8 people were killed and many others injured after a fire broke out in a motorcycle showroom in the city of Secunderabad, India.

According to Indian media, 8 people including a woman were killed and several injured in a fire in the showroom of e-motorcycles in the city of Secunderabad in the Indian state of Telangana.

Police officials said that the e-scooters were charging in the showroom at the time of the fire, which may have caused a short circuit and ignited the fire. The fire in the showroom also engulfed the restaurant on the fourth floor.

According to reports, some people jumped from the building to escape the fire. The fear of increasing the number of casualties is being expressed.

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