A final decision on the winter holidays is expected at the NCOC meeting tomorrow

Holidays proposed by the federation from December 25 to January 5 – Photo: File

Islam Abad: The final decision on the winter break is expected at the NCOC meeting tomorrow.

The meeting of inter-provincial education secretary ended, recommendations were taken from all federal units in the meeting while the decision for final consensus will be taken in NCOC tomorrow. All the education secretaries were present in the meeting. Will attend the meeting

According to sources, in the meeting, the NCOC officials proposed to take leave in January while the federation proposed to take leave from December 25 to January 5.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Education said that recommendations for winter vacations had been taken from all the provinces and a decision on final consensus would be taken at the NCOC tomorrow.

According to the spokesperson, all the provinces and textbook boards have been directed to publish the approved political map of the cabinet in books. Earlier, different maps were being published in different provinces.

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