A doctor who performed free surgeries on about 37,000 children

Dr. Sabood Kumar Singh has performed surgery on thousands of children so far. Photo: Smile Train Facebook Page

Uttar Pradesh: Indian plastic surgeon Dr. Sabood Kumar Singh is world renowned and is called the Messiah of children. So far, they have performed surgery on 37,000 children with congenital malformations, and they have done so free of charge.

Babies have congenital malformations, with cleft lip and palate problems at the top. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Such children are ridiculed in real life and suffer from feelings of inferiority.

Although complex plastic surgery can cause these problems, not all parents can afford it and that is why many institutions in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh perform this surgery for free. One of them is Dr. Sabood Kumar who has robbed thousands of children of their smiles and innocence.

Born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Sabud Kumar worked as a laborer in poverty but with great difficulty continued his studies. He has excelled in plastic surgery. According to Dr. Sabood, because of the difficulties he has gone through, he is well aware of the problems of the people.

Dr. Sabood Kumar set up free medical camps across the country and since then its scope has expanded with the help of international organizations. Due to birth defects, babies are unable to drink milk and are reluctant to go to school.

Interestingly, however, he began his journey alone in 2004. He has formed an organization called Smile Train, thanks to which 37,000 children and adults have been operated on. Hundreds of new doctors have also been trained on this platform.

According to Dr. Kumar, with the surgery of a child, the whole family breathes a sigh of relief and becomes very confident.

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