A businessman victim of scams, near Toulouse: “I lost €15,000 and stuff”

The manager of the Newt at Sommel bedding store in Bulma, victim of two scams in a few days. (©Thomas Jau / News Toulouse)

On Friday, October 14, 2022, Sebastian Rossmeier, Manager Night and Sleep Bed Shop in Bulmareceives a call from a customer who wants to buy two mattresses “to exchange [ceux] From his mother, infected with bed bugs. The customer asks me for high quality models and he finds his happiness in the exhibition models that I present to him in photographs.

After drafting the estimate, Sebastian noted the credit card number and the amount of 5,600 euros. Payment is made through distance selling. (VAD) using the TPE terminal

“I rent a TPE terminal from my bank and I pay an additional fee on each transaction. This is an additional payment option that I have been using since the covid crisis. This allows me to finalize the sale without the person physically coming to the store. This is a system that my bank says is considered secure. I’ve never had any problems before. »

The transaction is accepted, the terminal prints the ticket and the remote collection is confirmed overnight. The delivery takes place “closer to Cugnaux” explains the businessman who continues: “Up until then everything was normal, nothing I hadn’t done before, I delivered the mattresses, signed the order form and off I went. »

Second commandment

On Monday, October 17, 2022, the merchant was contacted by another customer: “The latter is visiting the Paris area and wants to purchase mattresses and bedding, which are then delivered to the site.”

This time is the quote amount. 10,000 Euros. Again, payment is made through distance selling. “For the first time payment has been denied. The client tells me that he is going to call his bank to increase his limit. A few minutes later, he calls me back and the payment is refused again,” says Sebastian Rossmeier.

The customer contacts him again the next day and this time pays with his wife’s card. There is money. Divided into two payments of 5,000 euros Both are accepted. As agreed, during the day, A delivery man is picking up goods at a store.

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Scammers walk away with butter and butter money.

That same evening, intrigued by the two refusals of the day before, Sebastian Rossmeier Do some research on the internet. And falls Distance selling scam Losses by merchants in Isle-de-France:

“I logged on to my bank application and found that 5,600 euros paid on October 14 has been debited from my account. The bank tells me that it is a fraud, that the buyer has contested the transaction, that The money has been returned to him and there is nothing he can do for me.”

A few days later, Sébastien Russmeier Turns out that 10,000 euros The second is estimation They also disappeared from his account. Again, the fraudster used the same trick, opposing the transaction.

Anger and feelings of abandonment

Sebastian has since Filed a complaint at Balma Police Station And started the process with your insurance:

“My bank tells me there is nothing they can do, while my insurance only covers theft of goods in the event of a break-in and my store is not robbed, so my insurance will not cover loss of goods. . I have Meeting with a lawyer Expect to be able to receive compensation within the week. »

Enraged, the businessman abandons himself and now fears for the sustainability of his business:

“I can’t sleep today, I lost 15,600 euros in addition to the delivered goods that were withdrawn from my account. This is my cash I just lost. It’s very dangerous, It calls into question the balance of my company.I have been doing this job for over 10 years and I follow the rules to the letter. I’m at risk of putting the key under the door because of the scam. how it is possible ? I am a father, I have children to feed and I realize that in this case, this is not the right person to support. »

Sébastien Russmeier is also angry with all his fellow traders:

“We have to do something, to protect us merchants from these scams. Today we don’t have the right to accept more than 1,000 euros in cash, with checks, we have to wait several days before we get a guarantee of payment. So Like many merchants, I am forced to return to credit cards and pay large service fees, ultimately not being better protected from scams. »

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