Riyadh: A Saudi citizen made a ridiculous claim of arranging 53 marriages in 43 years in search of “China and coins”.

According to foreign media, Abu Abdullah, a 63-year-old Saudi citizen, claimed to have married 53 different women in 43 years, for which he was called a police game.

Two Korans of an interview said that currently the solution is to marry only one person in marriage

Abu Abdullah further said that when I got married for the first time at the age of 20, I had no intention of marrying again, that I was satisfied with the condition of my children in my house.

He said that at that time some problems arose between me and my wife, so he got married at the age of 23 and after quarreling with another woman, he turned to the other side. Marry the fourth and divorce the first wives

Abu Abdullah said during the interview that he has married 53 different women in 43 years with the same desire to get chain and sex and the shortest marriage lasted one night.

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