40 camels out of beauty contest for beauty surgery

The winning camel is awarded 66 66 million; photo file

Forty camels were excluded from the annual beauty contest held in Saudi Arabia due to artificial beauty.

According to Saudi media reports, guests invited to the festival said that the camel owners had injected Botox to remove facial wrinkles, in addition to other camel surgeries.

Photo file
Photo file

According to the officials, a face lifter was also used on the faces of the camels due to which more than 40 camels were disqualified from the competition.

It is also worth noting that the Saudi government has banned the use of artificial products to make camels attractive.

It should be noted that in the beauty contest of camels, their neck, elbow, head and height etc. are seen and the winner of the annual beauty contest is given a prize of 66 66 million.

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