30 essential items price increase this week

0.19 percent decrease in the overall rate of inflation, the annual rate decreased from 42.70 percent to 40.58 percent (Photo: File)

Islamabad: In the second week too, the trend of reduction in inflation continued in the country, but the rate of reduction in inflation is slow.

In this regard, the Federal Bureau of Statistics has released the weekly inflation report in the country, which states that the overall rate of inflation has decreased by 0.19 percent in the recent week and the overall rate was 40.70 percent. increased and the prices of 10 commodities decreased while the prices of 11 commodities remained stable.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, in recent weeks potato prices have gone up by 0.33%, onion prices by 16.24%, tomato prices by 9.84%, chicken prices by 1.88%, sugar prices by 0.95%, vegetable table ghee prices by 0.39%. Cooking oil prices fell by 0.10 percent while LPG prices fell by 2.62 percent.

According to the Bureau of Statistics report, the prices of tea leaves increased by 6.30 percent, the prices of mung beans by 3.46 percent, the prices of eggs by 2.54 percent, the prices of chickpeas by 2.53 percent, the prices of flour by 1.96 percent, Prices of rice increased by 1.73 percent, dal mash by 1.68 percent and bread by 1.45 percent, the prices of 11 essential commodities remained stable in the recent week.

The data shows that during the last week, the inflation rate for the group with income up to 17 thousand 732 rupees per month on an annual basis, from 17 thousand 733 rupees to 22 thousand 888 rupees per month. The rate of inflation increased by 38.29 percent for the income group.

Similarly, 37.74 percent of the inflation rate for the group having income from 22 thousand 889 to 29 thousand 517 rupees per month, 38.10 percent of the inflation rate for the group having income from 29 thousand 518 to 44 thousand 175 rupees per month while Inflation rate increased by 41.81% for the group having income more than 44 thousand 176 rupees per month.

During the recent week, the overall rate of inflation in the country recorded a decrease of 0.19%, however, the rate of inflation on annual basis decreased from 42.70% to 40.58%.

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