$ 25 in bitcoins offered! The weekend starts well with Zengo

$ 25 in bitcoins offered!  The weekend starts well with Zengo

At the start of this winter weekend, the market is gloomy, Bitcoin seems to be taking pleasure in playing with our nerves, and your morale as a crypto investor may be a little lower. A very understandable state of mind, even if the most seasoned will always be there to remind you that these phases of market breathing are normal, even healthy, and that it is impossible to reach the peaks without going through periods of catches. momentum.

In this kind of case, only two things can really put a smile on your face: a very generous continental breakfast served by a zealous butler, or… an unexpected little gift.

You don’t have room service within reach of the phone? So let’s explore the second option: today the Journal du Coin explains step by step how to get a bonus of $ 25 in bitcoins for free, all without KYC and in a few minutes!

Zengo gives you gifts

The Zengo application was already the subject of a very complete presentation on the JDC a few weeks ago. The opportunity to discover an ultra-ergonomic crypto platform, very easy to access, complete with mechanics allowing you to acquire Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in record time.

Savings options (lending) complete the application offer which achieves the feat of offering everyone attractive returns, in particular enabled by the Decentralized Finance, in a secure environment. In addition to offering a model that facilitates adoption, Zengo also regularly offers promotional offers, as many small bonuses encouraging users to take the plunge smoothly and fully immerse themselves in the subject.

Typically, Zengo offers $ 10 in bitcoin to new members of its community. But as at JDC our tireless Sales Director is as endearing as he is obstinate, Zengo ended up capitulating and conceding an exceptional offer for our beloved readers: a bonus of $ 25 in bitcoins for any new registration to the service!

At this stage, 2 remarks:

  • $ 25 in bitcoins in December 2021, when the price of the queen of cryptocurrencies recently dropped below $ 50,000) could prove to be an even more precious gift in 2, 5 or 10 years;
  • This premium is subject to an initial deposit of $ 250. This deposit will obviously be recoverable or re-transferable without any particular constraint. In other words, if a first payment will be necessary to release the premium, it, as well as your initial funds, will then remain freely acquired.

3 steps to profit from $ 25 in bitcoins

In order to guarantee you the benefit of this exceptional operation, here is a quick step by step tutorial

Download the Zengo app

The Zengo application can be downloaded from Android and AppStore. It may seem obvious, but the thing implies that you will not be able to grab said app from your desktop computer if you ever use it to browse this article, but it will have to be installed on your smartphone.

Configure the Zengo application

At the opening of the application, a short presentation awaits you, before the serious things start with your real registration. Once you have entered your email, you will be asked for a “Referral Code”. In order to benefit from the bonus of $ 25 in bitcoins offered, enter the code ZENGOJDC.

Buy cryptocurrency with Zengo

A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately, click on the link, validate the request for biometric identification by fingerprint if necessary (2FA, “2 Factors Authentification“).

Buy your first cryptos on Zengo

The magic will be able to operate. You are at home, on your personal account. All you have to do is select what you want to start with. Function “buy Crypto”Will allow you to get straight to the heart of the matter. By default, several purchase options are available. It is possible to buy many cryptocurrencies, let’s stay on the lord of these lands for the occasion by selecting Bitcoin.

At this point, a “Biometric Backup”Will be offered to you. This is a snapshot of your face, anonymized, encrypted, and of which no backup will be kept. This security mechanism will allow access and catering from your account when needed.

Zengo's biometric backup

Once this step is completed, you will automatically be referred to the payment provider. MoonPay in order to proceed with your purchase of cryptocurrencies. At this point, nothing much different from a standard Internet purchase. Note that depending on your bank, additional validation (email, SMS, connection to your for manual validation, etc.) may be required. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Once the payment validation has been completed by Moonpay, your assets will appear on your dashboard. Note that affiliate premiums and bonuses are paid weekly and may take a few days to appear in your account (please check the FAQs and terms and conditions).

If the payment by credit card is the fastest, finally know that it is possible to make purchases on Zengo via bank transfers, for lower fees. This service is however reserved for residents of the European Union and Great Britain.

At this stage, your first bitcoins should be nice and warm on your Zengo wallet! You can now choose to go back under the duvet to wait for room service (and failing that your usual faithful courier). But you can also try to continue to drop free bitcoins into your purse … Indeed, a bit on the same model as Zengo, there is another leader in crypto applications who also offers offers that are worth the detour with in particular 40 $ in BTC offered for $ 400 deposit!

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