22nd Sindh Amateur Golf Championship Qasim Ali Khan new winner

22nd Sindh Amateur Golf Championship, Qasim Ali Khan new winner

KARACHI (Daily Pakistan Online) The final round of the 22nd Paragon Sindh Amateur Golf Championship was played at Karachi Golf Club on Sunday. After three days of play, Qasim Ali Khan of Lahore Gymkhana won the Sindh Amateur Trophy with a gross score of 220. This year’s runners-up were jointly Umar Shikoh Khan and Arsalan Shikoh Khan of Karachi Golf Club. Sindh Golf Association’s senior category trophy was won by Zahid Ibrahim of Karachi Golf Club. Khurram Khan of Karachi Golf Club and Brigadier Mohsin Farooq of Rawalpindi Garrison are runner up and first runner up respectively. In the same category, Zahid Ibrahim played the best rounds on the first day of the tournament and Khurram Khan on the second day.

In Senior Handicap (8-14) Brigadier Qasim Chingizi took first and second position jointly with Colonel A. Farooq and Salman Ali. Colonel Shahid Mehboob of DHA was the winner in the category of veterans above 75 years of age, while Group Captain Aftab A Khan bagged the second position. Under 15 years junior category trophy was won by Shayan Zia. Rehan Mirza managed to get the first position and Major Rizwan Farooq in the category of veterans under seventy-five years of age. Apart from officials of Sindh Golf Association and Karachi Golf Club, members of the golf community also participated in the award ceremony.

President of Sindh Golf Association Khurram Khan congratulated the winning players and encouraged other players. He thanked Paragon Developers, Candyland and Tapal Chai for supporting the championship. Khurram Khan appreciated the work of Zafar Mehmood, Ghazanfar Abbas, Irfan Rashid, Syed Shazli Azhar and other colleagues in Sindh Golf Association and Karachi Golf Club for the successful organization of the tournament. Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Developers – Babar Siddiqui distributed the prizes among the winning players.

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