2 Dalit sisters killed after gang rape in India, bodies hanged from a tree

The bodies of the slain Dalit sisters were found in the field near the house, police officials: Photo: Social Media

New Delhi: In India, 2 sisters belonging to lower caste were murdered after being gang-raped.

According to Indian media, 6 upper caste accused gang-raped 2 Dalit sisters and hanged their bodies from a tree in Lakham Purkheri, Uttar Pradesh.

Police officials say that the bodies of the two Dalit sisters were found hanging from a tree in a field one kilometer away from the house.

Instead of arresting the perpetrators of the gang-rape and murder of the Dalit sisters, the Hindu extremist police accused the slain girls of having willingly accompanied the perpetrators.

The police did not file an FIR even on the continuous plea of ​​the mother of the slain Dalit sisters, however, on the protest of the residents of the area, the police registered a report and claimed to detain 6 accused.

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