1Accumulate cars up to 8.51 million method to start Christmas measures Chinanews-

  (Skateboarding) Aggregate the crown to reach 8.51 million methods to resist Christmas and New Year holidays

Paris, December 17th (Reporter Li Yang) On the 17th, the new crown laurels reached 18.51 million cases during the French Christmas holiday on January 17th.

Official French data show that the number of new additions in a single day in France on the 17th was 125,128, and the cumulative number of new additions was 18.51 million and 8518840. The cumulative death toll in France is now 121,333, and the new number is 163, 163.For 2901 people

    Picture: Meeting adjustments in a hospital in Paris

20 The new crown virus infects 20,520 people out of every 100,000. Detection speed increased to 4 8.4%

On the evening of the 17th, Castecastelkas announced the Christmas party for Christmas epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention.

Castel also canceled the 5 months to April from the time interval between the second launch of the second dose and the third launch in January next year.In addition, continue to propose health passes currently used by mining workers, and collective passes cannot enter

It seems that Castel can’t help the French refuse to accept the influence of life in France as a whole.

The impact of the epidemic cancelled the visit to Mali next week,,

46 According to official French officials, for 5246 people, at least one dose, 77.8% in France; 513913 completed doses. 2 76.2% 11883 people. Never (finished)

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