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  (New crown crown crown) 310 cases of Omik strain infection

Paris, Paris, December 16th (Reporter Li Yang) Infection and infection On the 16th, France was infected with 310 cases of the new coronavirus mutant strain MiKe.The French official official, the British, the Chon strain

    Picture: The Country of France-Transformation

According to official French data, France added 8,60866 cases in a single day on the 16th, and the cumulative number of cases was 8,460,712. The cumulative number of deaths in France is now 121,171, and there are 188 new cases in France, 15 188 cases of new crown in France, 4 2 1 2 4 2 3

Data on the evening of the 16th showed that there were 310 cases of Omi strain infection.It will become the main new virus spreading in France in January next year

Epidemic prevention experts warned against Van Keron Rongao’s problem that the relevant virus strains have not been able to prevent the spread of the virus before the holidays.

The official,, will travel to the UK on weekends, and will be a non-essential travel army that will come and go from this weekend.

The French official also asked,,, whether the staff of British Chris France has a new vaccine submission submission hour

On the 16th, the creek strain was recreated on the 3rd by 88376, creating a new high in the new attractions on the New England Day in 2020. The outbreak of the Olympics crown on the UK Day was in London. (Finish)

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